honesty is the best policy

1605 E. SANDYS Europx Speculum K3 This over-politick..order may reach a note higher than our grosse conceipts, who think honestie the best policie.

a 1763 J. BYROM Poems (1773) I. 75 I’ll filch no filching;—and I’ll tell no lye; / Honesty’s the best policy—say I.

1854 R. WHATELY Detached Thoughts II. xviii. ‘Honesty is the best policy’; but he who acts on that principle is not an honest man.

1928 J. GALSWORTHY Swan Song vi. It had been in their systems just as the proverb ‘Honesty is the best policy’ was in that of the private banking which then obtained.

2001 Washington Times 17 July A 18 It is not a phrase I’m particularly fond of, for it endorses a virtue not for itself but for practical reasons, yet it bears repeating: Honesty is still the best policy.

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